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Product Information

Product information provided on this website is given in good faith and is based on the information provided to Seed + Sprout by each product’s manufacturer, or supplier.

The information provided is general in nature and is intended for educational and informational purposes only.

The information provided is not intended to replace or substitute the evaluation, judgment, diagnosis, and medical or preventative care of a physician, paediatrician, therapist and/or health care provider.

Product availability

Our goal is always to supply 100% of your order.  However, a product listing on our website does not guarantee availability.

Any out-of-stock products ordered and paid for will be refunded within five business days of your order being processed.


You, the customer, may place orders through the online site in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

When placing an order, you, the customer, enter into a contract with Seed + Sprout Premium Produce for the purchase of said goods at the advertised price listed on the site, including any and all additional charges, including but not limited to delivery fees, or any other fees outlined by the site.

We may require additional details from you, the customer, to complete your order. If this is required, we will contact you directly.

You agree that the information you provide is accurate, current and not misleading in any way.

We reserve the right to reject your order for any reason. If we do reject an order placed through the site, we will do our best to contact you in a reasonable time to discuss the matter.

If you are under 18 years of age, you must obtain your parent or guardian’s consent before placing an order.

Prices, Fees + Charges

Prices are listed in Australian Dollars.

Seed + Sprout Premium Produce will charge the following fees. You agree to pay these fees and any additional fees outlined in these Terms and Conditions. In addition you agree to pay for the purchase of the goods.

You will pay the delivery fee as outlined at time of checkout.

Any other fees and charges set out in these Terms and Conditions.

All fees and charges specified and all prices quoted online include GST, where applicable.

As with shopping in our shop, prices for our products change from time to time and Seed + Sprout Premium Produce does not provide notice of these changes. Subject to these Terms and Conditions, the price you order your goods at online is the price you will be charged. 

Secure Payment Processing + Payment Types

All payments made on our website are encrypted using secure technology.

You agree to make full payment for all purchased goods and any applicable fees or charges by one of the accepted payment methods. The accepted payment methods are MasterCard and Visa.

If we are unable to successfully process any payment for an order you have placed, we will first attempt to contact you in relation to the order to arrange alternative payment. If we are unable to contact you we can, at our complete discretion, cancel your order.

You must not attempt to pay for any orders by unlawful or fraudulent means.

Amend or Cancel an Order

We are unable to make changes or additions to online orders once they have been submitted. All additions must be treated as new orders and may incur a delivery fee. We encourage you to double check your order before checking out. If you need to cancel an order, please email us at shop@seedandsprout.com.au.


We offer free delivery, within a 10km radius of our store, the minimum purchase price for an order to be delivered is $30. 

Seed + Sprout Premium Produce will only deliver goods ordered through our site to an address within our delivery range. Please contact us directly if you would like to clarify whether your address falls within our delivery area.  If you place an order for delivery and are based outside of our delivery zone, we will contact you to advise when your order will be available for collection from our store.

Seed + Sprout Premium Produce will endeavour to meet specified delivery times, as selected by you during checkout, however this cannot be guaranteed. We will make all reasonable endeavours to ensure timely delivery. If your delivery is delayed, we will attempt to contact you with notification of this delay.

Goods will be delivered to the front door of the delivery address, specified at time of checkout. If no one is available to accept the delivery within the specified time frame, your goods will be left unattended, you accept all responsibility for any damage or loss incurred to goods, once they have been delivered.  If you request delivery beyond the front door and we agree, then you are liable for any damage or loss incurred while delivering your goods.

Upon delivery of goods, you take full ownership and responsibility for the condition of the goods delivered.

Order Packaging

As a standard, all orders will be packed in to Seed + Sprout bags. Seed + Sprout jute shoppers and cooler bags supplied to you, with your order, remain the property of Seed + Sprout.  

Unless otherwise directed by us in writing, any packaging used by us to facilitate pick up or delivery is not sold to you and does not become your property and must either be returned to, or collected by us, at the time of your next pick up or delivery.  If bags or boxes are lost, damaged or not returned within 30 days, you indemnify us for all of our resulting costs including charges we are required to pay to a third party in respect of the use, or replacement of the bag or box. You must keep bags and boxes secure and in good condition until they are returned, to, or collected by us, at the time of your next pick up or delivery.

We understand that some customers would prefer to use cardboard or styrofoam boxes.  If this is the case for you, please leave a note in your online order requesting either styrofoam or cardboard boxes.  Boxes are provided free of charge (subject to availability).  It is your responsibility to dispose of boxes responsibly.  

Damaged, Faulty or Missing Items

We provide a full receipt outlining products we have supplied. In the event that an item is missing, please first review your receipt to confirm if the item has been charged. If an item is unavailable we will not have charged you. If we have charged you for an item that was not provided, please contact us within 24 hours. If we determine that the product was not provided, we will arrange either a replacement or a refund.

If you receive a damaged or faulty item, or are unsatisfied with the quality of any goods, please contact us within 8 hours and we will, at our discretion, provide you a refund or replacement. 

Order Confirmation

We will send you an email to confirm your order and to verify successful payment. If you have any questions about your order, please call us on 07 4625 3506 or email shop@seedandsprout.com.au.



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